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Bicycle repair and building

Wrenches - the community for bicycle mechanics
All around the world
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Bicycle repair, building and DIY
***This community is still on the workstand. Email m l kerney (at) gmail dot com if you'd like to be a mod.***

First rule of Wrenches: don't flame about helmets.

Second rule of Wrenches: no, really, no flaming about helmets... or riding brakeless, cars/gas burners, critical mass, politics, etc. There's other places to talk about that stuff. Kick-banning will be swift and merciless for those ignoring this.

We're here to talk about fixing bikes. And building them. And making them better.

Venting about work (tag - shop talk) is totally OK, though, as are religious discussions (best way to lube a chain, the "best" grease, the necessity of torque wrenches).

This community is open to everyone, from full-time mechanics to people who just want to learn how to adjust their brakes.

Please post with keywords (LJ tags) - because LJ search kind of blows, and we want this community to be a place where it's easy to look up fixes and topics. Nothing fancy, just something basic, like "seat post" if you've got a question about a stuck seat post, or "painting" for painting questions, etc.

Don't stress about it too much, though, keywords/LJ tags can always be fixed later.

If you don't know things, don't be afraid to ask questions and learn.

If you do know things, feel free to drop some science at any time.

Pictures and illustrations are encouraged, but remember to put large images behind an lj-cut, please. How to make an lj-cut.

But above all, be excellent to each other.