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Me on Bike

nigel_hawthorne in wrenches

quiet community, so here's a question to you all out there.

what tool, or few tools on your workbench are the most useful to you?

also, which tools not from park/pedros do you find the most useful?

personally, the pedro's cogwrench and pro socket handle for cassette lock rings I find oh so wonderful.

and a $0.89 small flathead screwdriver that I keep in a pen pocket on my apron is infinitely useful. adjusting limiter screws, scraping insane grunge off of jockey wheels, popping off dustcaps. when I lost it one day, I couldn't get anything fixed.

so that's me, what about you?


department of belated replies...

Most useful to me as a maker of things: tig welder. Followed closely by abrasive cutoff saw.

Most useful to me as a bike mechanic? Probably a hex key set since my bike is 80% hex head bolts.

A lot of my bike tools are Campy because Nashbar once had a great sale. I love their cone wrenches. The only Park tool I have and use regularly is their nipple wrench, actually. It's excellent. I'm not so enthusiastic about their headset or pedal wrenches: too sloppy.

Ditto tiny screwdriver for grunge removal.